ZACHARY A. KNOX, ESQ. is a partner with the Knox and Ross Law Group. As a practicing business and tax attorney, Zachary has advised and represented California cannabis businesses since 2010. Zachary currently sits on the City of Oakland’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission. As a firm believer in supporting entrepreneurial empowerment in a growing cannabis industry, Zachary co-hosts cannabis business development workshops, and recently co-authored a how-to guide for cannabis startups, with his wife, La Wanda Knox, a business consultant at Make Green Go.


Legal Counsel is responsible for ensuring the Company complies with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations and functions as the legal liaison between the Company and federal, state, and local law enforcement.


Responsibilities with the Company include:

  • Provide expert and strategic legal advice to management

  • Set internal governance policies and manage the impact of external factors

  • Evaluate and weigh multiple inputs and impacts of any decision or course of action

  • Anticipate issues and estimate risks strategically

  • Identify proactive solutions that will eliminate or mitigate risks

  • Base decision making process on ethics and integrity

  • Meet legal objectives

  • Deal with complex, significant matters that cut across legal and related areas

  • Keep abreast of legislative changes


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