LAWANDA KNOX brings 10 years of business consulting to the Company. As a corporate liaison, she helped San Francisco Bay Area 7-11 franchisees boost their bottom line. As a change agent for Diageo Wine and Spirits, she turned around the local winery taking them from loss to profit within 90 days. La Wanda helps entrepreneurs legitimize their cannabis business and obtain local and state licenses with business planning and fractional executive services. A firm believer in supporting entrepreneur empowerment, La Wanda hosts cannabis business workshops and recently co-authored a how-to book for cannabis startups with her husband Zach, an Oakland, California lawyer, who sits on the local cannabis regulatory board.


Responsibilities with the Company include:

  • Expand the Company‚Äôs business growth and change

  • Sales and business development

  • Build relationships and develop networks

  • Seek out and source new clients

  • Develop relevant resources for sales and business development

  • Manage clients independently

  • Develop solutions to assist individuals and team to work more efficiently and effectively

  • Collaborate with marketing to develop outreach strategies

  • Cooperate with Company members to ensure excellent client experiences


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